FICEPFICEP Endeavour drilling & sawing line – a game changer for

Hescott Engineering


Hescott Engineering, a family run structural steel fabrication business based in Falkirk, producing structural steelwork mainly for schools, small to medium size steel framed buildings, sports arenas and office blocks.


The company currently operate a FICEP P51 and a FICEP 1001 DZB drill/saw line with a maximum production capacity of around 120 tons per week. After 8 years of being very happy with the existing drill/saw line, Hescott purchased a new FICEP Endeavour drilling & sawing line and now say they have been able to double production with the faster speed and improved technology provided by the new machine.


Chris Scott, Director of Hescott Engineering, said,

“The Endeavour's advanced capability and the extra 250 mm axis on the drilling machine, combined with improved speed of the FICEP Katana sawing system, has not only provided a substantial boost to our productivity but is giving us a welcome extra competitive edge in the Scottish market.  One particular job that used to take 30 minutes now takes only 8 minutes with the Endeavour.
With its power and innovative features, the new line is a game changer for us in terms of capacity and quality.”


The Endeavour is the world’s most innovative CNC beam line which features 3 new direct drive spindles, up to 27kW 5,000 rpm spindles with additional auxiliary axis movement, high speed positioning, 4 side scribing and a hard stamping marking unit.

Once a beam is clamped in position, drilling, milling and marking can be undertaken simultaneously on all 4 sides of the beam without any further intervention of the operator.

Each cutting head can then move rapidly and independently from one programmed position to another along the stationary beam for further drilling, milling or scribing.

The machining of the beam is therefore much faster resulting in remarkable increases in productivity and reductions in production costs.


The Endeavour can be used as a stand-alone machine or combined with the high speed Katana CNC Saw or a coping unit with plasma or oxy robotic thermal cutting heads.

In combination with the Katana, a patented magnetic handling device allows the sawing of short piece or scrap without any intervention from the operator.


Endeavour 1203 DD Specifications

Web height                                               80mm to 1220mm

Flange width                                             42mm to 610mm

Drill heads                                                 3 (direct drive)


Tools per spindle                                     6

Max. drilling diameter                            40 (250)mm

Spindle speed                                           5000 rpm

Spindle motor                                           up to 27kW

Auxiliary horizontal stroke                     250mm


Features for higher productivity

Much faster drilling, milling and scribing speeds

Direct Drive Motors for better efficiency, higher power

Helical milling features

Milling applications for pocketing

Weld preparation capability

Slotting in any direction

Auto detection of the profile size

Processing of tapered beams

Easy access to the working unit and tool changers

New swarf collector design

Ease of cleaning