FICEPEMO Product Review - FICEP RAPID their latest CNC
high speed drilling line – the name says it all


Another successful EMO show, where FICEP showcased  RAPID -  their latest CNC high speed drilling line for angles and flats offering high productivity, quality, flexibility, accuracy and lower production costs.


The machine’s powerful spindles with their high rotational and feed speeds, together with the new generation high performance tools, enables the use of cost efficient Indexable Carbide Drilling tools to further enhance productivity.


The CNC materials handling system loads the angles on to the conveyor track which then automatically clamps the workpiece in position and every process then takes place sequentially.


The two drilling heads are equipped with very powerful direct drive spindles and an automatic tool changer with 6 positions for each of the spindles. The CNC system controls spindle positioning and feed rates and linear guides with controlled servomotors and ball screws ensure maximum precision on every axis. A new additional auxilliary axis of 200mm allows independent control of the two spindle in the length or “X” axis. The independent movement of the two auxilliary axis while an angle is stationary, maximizes the productivity achievable with each spindle within the stroke.


The RAPID CNC drilling lines are also modular and can therefore incorporate scribing, hard stamp marking, single or double shearing or alternatively, high speed circular carbide saw.


Optional hard stamping CNC marking units have 8 selectable cassette types, each one including 13 characters.


Depending on the RAPID model, fast cutting is provided by either a single cut hydraulic shearing unit or a high speed circular saw with hardened carbide inserts.


The processed angles, scrap or swarf created after the saw or shearing operations, can be automatically offloaded at predetermined or selectable positions along the unloading area to reduce manual handling and sorting. This further improves the productivity of the process with handling of componentsRAPID being minimised.


The RAPID offers faster drilling and scribing speeds at minimum cost, slotting in any direction, angle heel milling, and other machining features. With the option of using Indexable Carbide Drilling tools it allows the machine to be one of the fastest on the market today.


Make your processing RAPID!